Hi This is

Krishna Lodha

I'm OSM!

(Open Source Mapdeveloper)

Hi Guys!

Imagine you are a god! You know everything about everyone, where are they right now, where are they roaming and where they have been. Now imagine based on that you can predict, analyze about their future... Cool !! isn't it . Well I help people do that sort of stuffs. I'm a Full stack GIS Developer who works with Opensource technologies as well as Enterprise Technologies.

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What I do

Full Stack GIS Development

Working with libraries such as Openlayers, Leaflet, Mapbox, etc. to create beautiful and strong GIS web applications


Everyhing begins with collecting right data. I do digitisation and QC work with QGIS and ARCMAP

Enterprise GIS Developemt

Companies with large funds tends to use sophosticated tools such as ArcGIS, Google Maps API, etc.

CAD Drafting/Designing

Being a Civil engineer graduate I have indepth knowlegde of Land Surveying, I work with surveyors from USA,Canada,India to provide CAD Support

Who am I

Completed School in 2010 with 89%
Completed HighSchool in 2012 with 65%
Completed B.E. Civil engineering in 2016 with First class with distinction

Surveying design and drafting work based on AutoCAD and Carlson software

360 tour and editing Application built using leaflet, Mapbox, Laravel

Land Survey Application built with Openlayers with functionality to work offline

Opensource Enterprise Application developed for Telecommunication company in Poland while working with GISKernel

Web Application developed for Construction company in Australia while working with GISKernel